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  2. Ajmboy i did change the plug it gets good spark and it was running when i got it. it will start every once in a while now i think i may try shanging the jets but not sure what size i need
  3. i have a 97 explorer 300 4x4 that has been bored out to a 380 about a year ago well that id what the guy a bought it from told me. but my problem is that it will not start now it seems to just be flooding out everytime i start it. the guy i bought it from told me he just rebuilt the carb on it so this why i am confused. it cranks and cranks and will not start then i will let it sit for a while go back and it starts right up bu then it only run for about 10 min and just dies and will not start again. i know the petcock works and i shut that off everytime have not messed with the carb to much yet but i did take the bowl of and floats and jets look good. so i am stuck it gets spark and i put a new plug in as well and everytime i pull the plug it is wet. dont know what to do next please help

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