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  1. Still running great; thanks for everyones input. Just in time for deer season!!
  2. See what you all think about this. When I purchased this thing it would hardly start or run, kept flooding out. Adjusted the valves and rebuilt the carb; started, ran, and idled perfectly; until it got hot. After inspecting the coil , I decided to check the oil level. The oil had a lot of fuel in it, so I changed it. Since changing the oil this thing runs perfectly. Do you suppose it was starting to seize up when it got hot and that is why it would quit ideling?
  3. If I dismantle the carb again, what should I be looking for?
  4. This thing does not really have a choke, it has a brass plunger. Not sure how it works! Also has a vacuum operated petcock i am not familiar with.
  5. Getting back to a bad coil; would there be any other symptoms other than not wanting to idle.
  6. Rode until it wouldn't idle anymore, 10-15 min. Pulled the plug and it is dry and very black. The plug has about 1 hour of run time on it.. I really need this thing running; any ideas?
  7. I rebuilt the carb. It really improved the starting and idle. It was hard to start and would not idle at all, if it shut off after riding for 10 - 20 minutes no way it would start back until it cooled. It seems to run fine now until it gets hot, then it won't idle. It ran the other day for 30 minutes, I could feather the throttle to keep it running at idle. Eventually it got to the point it would not start. Is there something I may have missed during the rebuild
  8. This carb has a strange choke system, nothing I am familiar with. I have the cable tension adjusted as slack as possible.
  9. Thanks for the replys! This will give me a few things to do tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Need some help please. My 2005 250 ozark starts, idles, and runs great for about 5 minutes. Then it wants to shut off at idle and restarts ok but won't idle. After riding it for a while longer it dosen't want to start once it shuts off. After rebuilding the carb is when it, starts, idles, and runs great for about 5 minutes. Fresh gas, checked the petcock for blockage. This seems to be a common problem, any one know a fix?

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