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  2. I am new to this site and am still learning to use it. Thanks to all who welcomed me, sorry i havent found out how to message back. My raptor 350 sounds like crap. Sounds like its something in the bottom end. Checked the oil and it looks fine, no signs of metal. After having it rebuilt a couple of years ago i am wondering if its worth fixing. Anybody have any clues of about how much it would run to fix it if its in the bottom end? Low ballpark/high ballpark? I cant get it into a shop this week and somebody is interested in buying it for $800. Was told the timming chain was getting badly worn and it would make noise, which it was. But it is gotten to be a loud clank, not really a tick or hard knock. Thanks for any advise
  3. The chain slipped off in mud and water, balled up and broke off the chain guard that was part of engine leaving a dime sized hole. Needless to say the little time it ran and the mud and water it sucked in, it wrecked the engine. I tried for almost two months to get yama to warrenty it and no matter what i said or who i called they wouldnt. The worst part was i got a call from yamaha just after i pulled the engine out myself and started to rebuild it. They said they would arrange to pick it up and fix it but me taking the engine out voided the warrenty.... And this is the reason i will never buy a yamaha and tell everybody to get a can am! Every make will have its share of lemons and things wear down. The way they handled the warrenty was very unprofesional. I would consider blowing the darn thing up into a million flaming pieces if all i could get is a few hundred for it. Atleast that would look cool and make me feel a little better!
  4. I have a 07 raptor 350 that has been the biggest p.o.s i have ever owned. Had to have the engine rebuilt a month after i bought it brand new and yamaha wouldnt stand behind their warrenty. About a year ago a mechanic said i would need a new timming chain soon and that it would start making noise. Now its making a bad noise and another mechanic said it would seize up in under 10 miles. So obviously its more than a timming chain. Does anyone know about how much i could sell it for in this condition? Just put a new chain and sprocket set on and new rear wheel bearings on it as well. Also changed the rear brake pads and disk, but i damaged the caliper and it needs a new one. Other that that its in pretty good shape. Any tips for where to get a used engine and about how much they go for? I got a can am and love it so i kinda just want to cut my losses. Thanks for any help!

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