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  1. Well it was not the coil. However I did find a bad wire coming from the stator going into the CDI module, and now its running like a champ! Guess I have an extra coil now ( not a bad idea anyway )
  2. I tested the ignition coil and found it ohms out over the factory specs, primary was 0.6 ohms (should be 0.3) and secondary was 11.5k ohms (should be 6.5k) I ordered a used one off ebay for $17 cuz polaris wanted $133 for a new one! Will update once I get it.
  3. I just bought a 1994 Polaris 425 Magnum, needed carb work ( it was overflowing gas into the oil). I put a new needle and seat in the carb and a new spark plug, air filter, cahnged the oil and it starts right up. No more gas in the oil either. Now I took it out for a ride and it was running great until it started to get heated up. The temp light never came on but it started to back fire and got really doggy. Then it died and would not start back up until I let it cool down for about half hr. I checked to make sure the anti freeze was circulating and it was, but the fan never kicked on for the radiator. I ran it in the garage and blew compressed air through the radiator to try and keep it cool with the fan not running, and it still died after it was running for about half hr. Then once it was shut off a while it started riight up again. Any ideas on what I am having problems with?

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