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  1. Update. The solenoid I rcv'd is not a one for one replacement!! Original one had a molex type plug on it plus the posts for the battery cables. New one has posts for battery cables (good), an onboard fuse (20A), and 4 spade lug type connectors. The spade lugs have a different resistance when ohmed out. I'm thinking I'll pick the 2 with the least resistance rather than the other ones that have a resistor pack built in--is this OK?? I'll have to do some splicing on the wiring after I cut the molex plug free. One question I have 'tho, is the circuit made when I push the start switch on the left handlebar?? I guess I'll have to meter it out and see??
  2. Well I had NO way of trying to short across the wiring. This thing is buried under the seat surrounded in a shroud of plastic and is IMPOSSIBLE to see, you could feel it in there but not see it. On top of that the rubber dust boots on the terminal posts had a silicone sealant on them and I had a heck of a time getting that apart so I could remove the solenoid! I did get it off and opened the solenoid and found that the copper contacts were pretty much arced away from the years of use. The contacts are the actual terminal posts where the nuts tighten the + and - cables. So I learnt a little on this adventure.
  3. Well I got it out and a new one is on the way. $30.00 Should be here Wed.
  4. Well, I'm getting back to you folks. Found the solenoid, under the seat, buried in debris. Looks to me like I'm gonna have to remove the rack and take off the "skin" to get to it as there is lotsa stuff in the way. I can't see it from the underside as ther appears to be a flexible shroud covering everything. I doesn't look like it's too complicated to remove the plastic skin. I'll be in touch. THANKS
  5. Well I appreciate the replies, but I'm mechanically inept. Is the starter the cylindrical shaped thing bolted to the motor with a rubber dust cap and 1 heavy gauge black wire? Where do I find the solenoid? I'm not afraid of learning. Thanks.
  6. My machine won't start!! It will "click" when I press the start button, OK, charge the battery! Full charge it still "clicked". OK, load test the battery-failed, buy new battery. Installed new battery--"click":aargh: Checked a couple of fuses-good. Look at wiring diagram and the click I hear seems to be the relay. I "assume" the relay is good since it clicks but then again it could be closing fine but not sending the required voltage to starter. Where to from here. I use this beast to haul a trailer for carrying wood for the coming winter. Any and all advice will be appreciated since I live in a rural area and don't want to trailer the machine to the city.

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