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  2. I bought a 1998 Suzuki 160 quad with no title -Ill doesnt require one -just a bill of sales to prove ownership--BUT I am going to Florida with the ATV and they require a title for ownership-Does anybody out there actually have a 160 and know exactly where the serial number is on the chassis-I have searched high and low and the only way to find it for sure is if somebody knows were it is on their own machine--Thanks in advance Rich
  3. I just bought a Suzuki 160 Quad which is suppose to be a 1998 but I cant find the VIN numbers anywhere--Any body know for sure were they are --NO I didnt get a title with it--Thanks In advance RICH
  4. I am considering a Suzuki 160 for my wife -I came across a real neat one for a grand but it doesnt have the racks fr or rear-Are these racks something I can buy later and put on myself or is it only for a certain specific model-Ive looked at both models on the computor but the pics dont give enough info--THANKS RICH
  5. Thanks Senator-It turns out it is a 2003 but that is OK-Now I have to find out how to get a title and how much it will cost-Thanks again--RICH
  6. I bought a 2006 I think !!! Suzuki 250 Ozark but I did not get a title -just a hand written receipt-How do I find out what year it actually is-I found a number on frame by left rear tire-JSAAJ51A432101468-hope this is the VIN number and if it is what year should it be--Thanks in advance--RICH

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