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  1. the springs are highlifter springs and after installing them i put my stock wheels back on and parked it next to my buddys stock 06 kq 700 and its only about an inch taller but is definatly a much nicer stiffer ride. as far as any other aftermarket parts it was just misc stuff like hand gaurds, HID headlights, and moose alluminum skid plates but nothing that would have any mechanical effect on anything ive gone up and down the 4wd electronics and im not seeing anything that may have come unpluged, pinched or shorted out in any way. Ive heard other people on different quads have similar issues and they said theres a way that it may have not fully engaged before the machine was shut off and it confuses the system and theres a way to jump a 12v power to the actuator to get it moving again but i dont know where to start as far as doing that
  2. yea thats kinda what i suspected with the oil but it was just weird how it didnt do it untill i changed the oil as far as the 4wd, ive traced everything, all plugs are where there supposed to be, pulled all of them apart and cleaned them and put in some die electric grease, pulled apart the switch box on the throttle and made sure it was all in tact and cleaned, unplugged the battery, tested power coming to and from the relay and everything seems to be doing what it should, i just dont know much about the difs on these and dont want to start pulling that apart unless ive got some advice to go by. i downloaded the service manual but thats not much help as far as troubleshooting the 4wd
  3. OK i had an 05 king quad 700 up untill last year, i owned it for 3 years and it was the best machine i ever owned. i sold it only because i was buying a house and needed the money to put down, after getting settled in and finances back in order i had to go buy another one. unfourtinatly i jumped on the first " Good Deal " i came across and man im paying for it. bought an 07 king quad 700 with 1300 miles on it, came with a plow, winch and a nice wheel kit for $3,500. i jumped on it took it for a test ride and mechanicly everything seemed good, cosmeticly it is pretty scratched and you could tell it was well ridden but everything seemed to work just fine I took it home and rode it for about a week with no problems and decided to get some beefier springs, some skid plates, and a few misc parts for it as well as change all the fluids since the guy i bought it from i doubt did much maitenence. after putting it all back together my 4wd light is on on the display but the 4wd will not engage. the light just stays on and if i put the dif lock switch up it just blinks??? it was working perfectly before i took it apart but i did nothing with any of the drive train, checked the dif fluids but they seemed clean and full so i left them alone. any suggestions, ive tested the switch and relay and both seem to be working ok next problem I changed the oil and now every time the machine sets for 2 or more days it smokes like crazy when i start it. it will do this for 10-15 seconds then clears up and has no sign of burniung anything or smoking or anything, only at first when it sits for a few days. its definetly an oil smoke, i checked to make sure i didnt over fill it and double checked everything...im lost.... any help with either problem would be great

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