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  2. thanks for the advice, I tried to remove the carb but was only able to disconnect it and lower it down far enough to remove the float bowl and found alot of sand in the bottom, cleaned it out and reinstalled and now it seems to run fine
  3. and the cost of the service manual is 75.49 plus tax, I also have 2006 eiger 4x4 with 1400 miles on it, its been fail safe until this last hunting season, when the carb float bowl got dirt in it , but now its running
  4. no I have not adjusted the carb, tomorrow I'm gonna remove it and clean it, also the exhaust is stock
  5. I keep having problems with it running, after running it hard for awhile it will sputter and only run at an idle after a couple minuits it will clear up and run fine for awhile, I have changed the spark plug,fuel line, drained the gas and cleaned the fuel tank,cleaned the air filter

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