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  2. Well in talking with Linhai it would seem that conveniently the transmission is not covered past six months, but the engine assembly is. Go figure. Also, there is no one in my area who will touch it, even reputable Polaris and Arctic Cat dealers refuse to talk to me about working on it. Linhai says I need to take it 200 miles away to a dealer they say will look at it for the possibility it may be covered. Right. Short of the long is, don't buy ChiCom junk!
  3. Well, I'm not even sure what would qualify as a service center. The bike was bought at Rural King, who told me that it's not their problem and they don't even sell them anymore. I'm going to try getting ahold of customer service but I'm not holding my breath. The fluid in the trans is clean and it's full.
  4. He bought it in December of 2010 new from Rural King. Its a regular 2wd quad bike.
  5. I ride a Linhai bighorn on our family farm. This is something my gramps bought less than a year ago to help haul wood with. He had a stroke and it's hard for him to get onto his tractor, so he thought this would be better. It isn't for him, but it's way more handy for me. I usually haul firewood and trash with it. No major abuse whatsoever. It's got less than 10 hours on it if I had to guess. Lately it's developed this problem where in gear (notice only in forward) the bike will shudder and lurch. I figured out that the driveline is binding somewhere, and pretty bad too. If you give the gas it will go away at speed, but just putting around slowly it's very evident something is wrong. I jacked the bike up and chocked the front wheels. In gear with no weight or load on the rear wheels, I cannot get the problem to replicate. Not sure what to do here. I want to file a warranty claim (and soon) but I have a feeling I'm going to get blown off if I can't tell them a rough idea of whats wrong. Anyone else have similar experience?

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