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  2. Got the wheeler running..thanks guys...only one more issue...on the rear brake the stud that rotates to lift the pads isn't turning that much when the brake pedal is pressed...doesn't look like it would lift the pad far enough....how much should it rotate and how do I make adjustments so it does turn enough tolift pads the proper distance?
  3. The wheeler was rode once in a while been sitting for a few months though. took the carb out, choke cable was froze up and and snapped now....also noticed the side cover is missing that covers where the throttle cable sites in side the carb....no markings on the carb besides mikuni corp..can anyone tell me what model carb came on these machines...again thanks guys
  4. It's a 1997 suzuki quadrunner 250 4x4. Really hoping to have this wheeler up and running in two weeks. Any help would be wonderful.
  5. I just purchased this wheeler for cheap. When I got it home it started hard, and when I did get it started it would rev very high in neutral after warming up for a minute also it would do this in gear. It would rev back down when put back into neutral. After shutting the machine down and letting it sit for about an hr it started hard again and when it did finally start it rev right up so I shut it down. Now I can not get it to even start at all after sitting for a day. It did back fire twice yesterday but that was it. I am getting spark and gas choke cable is broke and I notice the air filter is not in. so where do I start. Put a new plug in and that is about it...carb looks really clean...also how do I remove the choke cable and throttle cable from the carb...new to all this atv stuff but good with a wrench and hope to be able to do all this myself...thanks guys

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