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  2. guys i posted about this machine in the wrong forum earlier we have checked the valves they are ok we checked compression we have a 160 psi we have fire at the plug and it still wont start we pulled the top off the carb and the spring was laying in the top we put it back in and it still wont start some time back i was trying to drain the bowl and i turned the wrong screw out it was the throttle adjust screw i put it back in all the way and i didnt back it out so i dont know if the throttle is set correctly now. guys we even tried starting it with starting fluid it still wont start . i am at my wits end .please any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. guys one thing i forgot to mention on my earlier post was that the first mechanic that told me i needed a new cdi unit also tried starting it with starting fluid through the air cleaner and it would not start he then sprayed some in the spark plug hole and it hit and ran for a second thats when he said he bet the intake valve was worn out but my second mechanic checked the valves and said they were adjusted correctly and he checked the compression and said that i had plenty this quad has never used any oil or anything i just dont understand i hope i have posted this in the right area i did not know if i needed to post in the suzuki only forum any and all help will be greatly appreciated
  4. hi guys im new to this forum so please bare with me i have a 96 suzuki ltf-250 i bought it new in 96 about a year ago it started acting up it got to where you had to crank and crank to get it to start and when you let off the gas it would not idle so i talked to a suzuki mechanic who was supposed to be good and he said the valves probably needed adjusted so i took it to him he checked the valves and said they were ok he checked the spark and said i had fire but that it was weak he also said that the fuel valve on the bottom of the tank was wore out and that it was probably letting fuel go past my rings into the crankcase he said he smelled gas in my oil so i bought a new cdi and fuel valve he put them on and still could not get it to start by this time i am getting leary of this guy he then says my intake valve is probably worn and not sealing up i go pick up my machine this is in june and my fatherinlaw is dying with cancer so i put the project on hold two weeks ago i carry it to another mechanic and he checks it out and calls me and says your valves are fine and he checked the compression and says i have plenty but he cannot get it to fire i remind you this is a new cdi unit three months ago when i put it in i had fire at the plug three qaurter inch long he unplugged my cdi plugged one he had up to it and it fired once and quit he said that the regulater rectifer may be bad guys back in the spring it might start occasionally but when you rode it it was like it was bogging down with a dirty carb i really need help with this guys also your thoughts on this model as well as longevity and dependibility thanks

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