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  2. Hey everyone, I need a schematic to see how the front spindles are attached to the arms. My spindles have alot of play in them and need to change whatever is holding them on. Any help is appreciated..
  3. Hi guys, He was not in the shop today so couldnt get more info. A friend of ours mentioned he thinks the cam chain broke. If thats the case, I am probably looking at atleast 1 new valve. probably a piston(piece of mind) and hopefully the rod wont be bent. When he gets back into town, I will have to get the run down on it. Thank you for the responses!
  4. Hey guys, New peep here and I have come to ask a question. I currently own a Honda Fourtrax and have come across a Yamaha Kodiak 400. It has all time 4wd. Not sure of the year but think it is in the mid-90's. The quad is in very very good shape except for one little thing. the motor is blown. The guy wants $500.00 bucks for it. Is it worth it? I can rebuild it no problem but feel that $500.00 might be a bit much for a quad with a blown motor. What does everyone else think?

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