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  2. Thanks all ! Cheriah, Thank you ! , it is our passion and mission. Hope to see you on the trails soon and let me know if there is anything we can do for you. Happy to help out in anyway we can. Glad to see others out there gettin' muddy !!! Darin.
  3. Thanks man, I / we really appreciate that. Our mission is simple, give everyone a chance to get muddy and do what we do..... Thanks again, DD.
  4. Had a 2008 Rincon with 6" Gorilla lift, elka shocks, 30" backs etc etec, 80 hp. Sold that. Now we are running a 2012 Can-A, XMR edition with many mods. We love the mud and hills ! I will get some pics up soon. Thanks for all the warm welcome's ! DD. / pwdoffroad.org
  5. I will get some pics in the garage soon ! Have plenty to fill it with, lol
  6. Hey all , new here. Great looking site ! Looking forward to participating on here. Thanks, DD. / PWD OFF ROAD.

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