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  2. I just want to get these scratches out. Once they're out, they won't come back, as I don't do too much trail riding where they would brush against something.
  3. It would probably be a lot to get a bottle of that down to the states though.
  4. Really!? I was considering getting some of that. I thought it worked good?
  5. So it's pretty much time to give the plastics a little resotration. They aren't bad, but the previous owner got them pretty scratched up on trees and stuff. Nothing too deep, mostly small surface scratches. Is there anything that helps shine them up? I used Armor All a few times, but it shines for awhile and doesn't do much.
  6. Hi, I have an 07 Raptor 350 and I'm from NY. I've been on Raptor Forum and some others for awhile but decided to join this one!

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