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  1. Oxidized black. It's ok my ride is fixed and my frustration level is now lower so pokin back at mario is kinda humorous. (I guess I should tell him about having to pull a buddy's Honda Rancher across a mud hole because the weight of my buddy and a 225 pound hog on the Rancher was just to much for the Honda ). I appreciate the backup!!! Y'all all have a good evening!
  2. Swampcat that's it exactly..... Sounds and runs like heck in reverse. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the reverse limiter and will confirm in the morning and post my findings.
  3. Well if I gotta get wenched out then I can't think of a better pulling unit than a Hot Wheels! I appreciate you being there for me mario!
  4. I will check that in the morning but I am betting that is going to be the issue.
  5. Thank ya oxidized_black and thank you for keeping me straight on who gave me the tip about using the longer bolt. Thank ya ck1999!
  6. Swampcat07 using the longer bolt worked like a charm! Now that its all back together it runs like a scalded ape forward but bogs down in reverse. Any suggestions!
  7. Thanx for the info swampcat07. Headed to the hardware store now to get a longer bolt. marioweldinginc please get off of your mommy and daddys computer and go back to playing with your hot wheels and power rangers. When your parents find out youve been playing on grown up sites again they're gonna block your online fan membership to Hanna Montana.
  8. I replaced the starter on my ATV and had to remove the secondary driven clutch assembly to remove a couple of the bolts. The unit came off easily but now I cant get it to slide all the way down the shaft to engage the spines on the shaft so that I can bolt it back up. What am I doing wrong? Is there a "trick" to it or a tool that is needed?

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