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  2. Afternoon Pulled the rear end out of the Bear this afternoon, its pretty much toast. The guy let it run dry - the bearings are bad and it pretty much stripped the splines on the axle. I think the splines in the rig gear are pretty wore out also. These parts are expensive. I can get bearings, seals, and axle but looks like the ring gear is not available. Any suggestions? Vern
  3. Its a 96 4 x 4. Thanks, I ordered a Haynes manual but would like to know how to rebuld the rear end. Vern
  4. Hello All Been looking for an ATV, older model in reasonable shape I could fix up. Answered an ad on Craigslist for a Yamaha Big Bear 350 with a bad rear end. ended up with the Big Bear and an 02 Polaris Sportsman 700 that has no spark. Got them both for a good price so hopefully will have to good running ATVs for a nice price. Ordered manuals, the Big Bear runs but needs the carb cleaned. Look forward to lots of help from you guys. Vern

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