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  2. hey sorry about the long time to reply but what ended up fixing it was as simple as switching the wires on the pickup coil the after market ones seem to be marked improperly after much money was spent it turned out to be the easiest fix nothing else i did fixed it hope this helps
  3. i have already had it completely disassembled and inspected the parts referring to the service manual and nothing is out of place or cracked or badly worn thanks for the reply btw and if you have any other ideas it would be greatly appreciated
  4. it almost seems like the timing is way out and it has a strong consistent spark
  5. i have a 1998 grizzly 600 it had no spark and after replacing the pick up coil i got it to run but it is now misfiring and backfiring horribly and won't idle and is extremely hard to get running if done every thing the service manual has told me to do with no difference if any body has any advice it would be greatly appreciated

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