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  2. what you mean "most part" because i find a 250 for part ... the engine part will feat ? and what about another parts of the 250 ? idan
  3. o.k can i used your help ? i wonder if this item will be the same like my KQ ? NEW EBC CLUTCH KIT SUZUKI LT-F300/4WD | eBay thanks
  4. but they are automatic i need the 5 gear semi auto like the KING QUAD 300 it is not a possible match ... and to be more specific i need parts like a clutch to may KQ and i cant find it here but from arctic cat i can find ... which models of arctic cat engine is the same like my KQ ?
  5. can you be more specified which engine models are the same like the KING QUAD 300 engine ? thanks ...
  6. hey guys I have a 93 king quad 300 and i need some parts ... in my country there is some KQ but it really hard to find them or any parts because suzuki stop bringing them in 1996 .... my question is which parts of arctic cat fits to my KQ because we have here a latt of the cats ... any help will be good idan

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