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  2. no, i havnt put any gas in the cylinder via the plug hole. also, i pulled the plug out and laid it near the plug hole and turned it over to check spark and it was sparking very well. i know jack about these machines. what is that big thing that slides up and down inside the carb throat? some type of choke? i'm not talking about the throttle butterfly.
  3. think it's an 04. from what i've found, they are the same from 03-07. thanks!
  4. I am working on a vinson for a friend and i cant figure it out. I am getting spark. Carb has been cleaned. I soaked it for about 3 hours, rinsed, blew out passages, and re assembled. The bowl gasket could stand to be replaced but i didnt have parts at the time. I did look good enough to make a good seal though. Also, the air filter is removed. I am waiting on a new one to come in. So, when i first got the 4wheeler from him, he said it wouldnt run. i charged the battery, put some fresh gas in it and cranked it up. Next day i put a little seafoam in the tank, removed the air filter, an

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