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  2. Well so far I've pulled the pump and cleaned the tank and screen. Everything was pretty good but I had it tore down that far so might as well. Refilled with fresh high test gas and still the same. I pulled the injector and with the lines all hooked up there is no initial spray when u first turn the bike on while the pump is running. Once you start to actually start the bike then it sprays fuel. Is this normal to only spray once trying to start?
  3. I haven't checked over the quad in detail but I think I will start buy pulling the plug and see how it's running as you mentioned the lean running condition. We put a pipe on it a couple months back and he had no programmer so we ran it for a bit on a new plug then pulled it and observed it being pretty greyish white. I was very surprised and told my buddy there was no way to run it like that without a programmer. So we removed it and put the stock one back on. We did install a snorkel kit in which we modified the air box to allowing a ton more air in versus stock before we had tried the exhaust. Going by what you say of them being fairly lean I have a pretty good feeling that just may be our issue. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hi, new to this forum but this seems like the exact same issue my buddy is having with his 06 king quad. No cold start. We haven't been out for a while then this winter we went to go on a poker run and it wouldn't run. Threw it on a charger and even off the boost it wouldn't start. Put some de-icer in it and still no go. It will go with a shot of Quick Start in the throttle body and then runs fine. If it sits for any length of time it needs this little shot to fire up. His ecu was upgraded from the previous owner. As far as the temp sensor went we threw it in a heated shop over night and still wouldnt start on its own. Definetly was warmed up to what it would have been in the spring. Always ran great before and no issues. Really interested it what you might think since the problem is really similar.

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