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  2. Okay update... The battery is reading 7.3 volts! Not good. With the charger on it reads the standard 13.2 volts. I test the post at the relay and it gives me 13.2 with the charger hooked up. Should I just start with a new battery? Why wouldn't it kick over with the charger giving it 13.2 volts? When I do hit the start button the voltmeter is reading 153 volts? at the relay terminals. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I'm looking for some answers to this hopefully simple question. When I press the start button, I get this loud buzzing coming from the starter relay. I haven't ridden this beast in a couple of years, however it's been on a trckle charger the entire time. This thing has less than 2 hours on it!! I have misplaced my voltmeter and will have to go in to town to purchase another one. I wouldn't think it was the battery? But I'm new to these things. I'm mechanically inclined and refuse to take this thing in for service... heck I'm restoring a 68 Camaro in my garage! Thus the username. Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated. I tried jumping the two main wires on the relay with no results. Battery? Starter relay? When I get back from town, I'll post up the voltage at the terminals. And while were at it, how easy is it to replace the pull starter rope? That is broken too! lol Many thanks. Robert

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