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  2. Yea the spark is very bright and consistant. Just hoping I would get a different answer, I was hoping to avoid chasing wires for miles. lol
  3. I have tried the quick start in the air intake but have yet to do the gas down in the plug.
  4. Just tried putting hand over intake and there is suction. Bike turns over when your trying to start it. Spark and some gas smell on plug (and a bit wet). When starting it sounds like it could be empty of gas, doesnt have any funny sounds coming from it.
  5. Thanks for the info, eneded up being another bad battery. Now another problem. Had it out yesturday for a hour or so it it just died. Have no idea where to start, getting pretty fustrating. Theres gas going through the carb and spark at the plug. Could there be a fuse some where I dont know about that could be causing it. I did find a wire that was pulled apart but didnt do anything once i hooked it back up. Thanks for the help in advance.
  6. I have had the starter out and hooked it up to direct power and the motor spins.
  7. I have 95 king quad with a starting issue. When i got the bike a few weeks ago it seemed like the battery was not charging or putting out enough power therefore the starter would not work. I pick up another new battery and still doesnt work. The relay is clicking and the starter barly turns and then stops and just the relay clicks. I took the starter apart and the brushes were completly work out. I ordered new brushes and got them today and got them installed and still the same thing. To me it seems like starter dont have a tourque to turn engine over. Hope I explanied it well enough.

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