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  2. hi, i got my son to help clean out carb, he is real good with carbs , always has been. anyway we took advice offered here by oxidized_black and cheriah, and cheriah said to pay special attention to the main jet, well you could not see light thru the main jet, we cleaned it and wow does the bruin run now:biggrin: also want to give kudos to my son who dropped the bowl off carb without removing anything except gas tank plastic cover
  3. i did that for 5-10 minutes with no result, but will try again
  4. hi and thanks for the helpful info, well i opened the air box to check air filter and low and behold it was 1/4 full of horse feed, mice got in through the air intake, will have to put a screen over that. anyway cleaned it all out being careful not to let anything into the carb, then i sprayed carb cleaner while i gave it throttle, all to no avail. it does seam to be the high speed jet, cause it runs fine until i give 3/4 or moire throttle, so i removed the plastic tank cover, what should i do next, i have taken carbs apart before but want to be very careful, cause i cannot afford to screw this up. also it has kn air filter and it could fit a little tighter so i think it may have sucked up some of the grain dust.
  5. my 2006 bruin 350 ran great, suddenly it developed problem, it starts great, idles great but when you give it a lot of throttle it breaks down, i checked gas cap and it is fine, where should i start

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