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  2. Lookin' for CHEAP! LOL! Kinda tight right now as far as the "quad fund" goes. My banker says, "if it's cheap.....then maybe." So I guess that means used.
  3. Thanks quadnut for the reply back. Yeah, I know there were differences....just wasn't sure how much and if this was one of them. LOL. Guess I'll wait awhile and see if I can get one thats made for my quad that I can afford. Thanks again.
  4. Hey guys! First post here and have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have an opportunity to buy an FMF pipe w/power bomb header for really cheap! Question is....I own a 05 TRX 450r and the pipe combo is for an 06+ 450r. Will it fit? I know I should just buy a system that's made for my quad.....but this is a KILLER deal! Thanks for your time! ~Curt~

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