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  1. hey oxidized i sort of fixed it i took a milk jug and cut a piece and folded it and stuck it between the float and the needle and it worked to my amazement this thing screams to the point i actually put my helmet on i also took off the crazy front end thing the guy put on and it looks like a race cart again just with a big old honking atv motor on it and the reverse is sweet as well i will put p a pic of it and maybe a video i know its not a atv but its cool as hell
  2. ok thanks yeah i called a place and the needle is $30 but i didnt ask for a kit i will call back and see
  3. ok checked it out looks ok but would that be the reason it just overflows everywhere? and how much is that needle ?
  4. ok i will go try that thanks for the diagram as well
  5. dont see one but im pretty sure its a 91 trx 200 from looking at pics it looks exactly like what i got now im just confused i turn on the gas and it comes right out the bottom of the float
  6. ok i looked but it dosent look like the right carb or motor here is a pic of the front end of the old atv ok so after looking on google its a 1991 honda trx200 fourtrax
  7. i have a racing go cart that i just got and it has a 250 honda motor on it no clue what model bt its a semi auto 5spd with reverse and when i turn the gas on it juust pores out of the carb from every hose and out the intake im really lost i took off the bottom to make sure float wasnt stuck pt back togethere and it still leaks out i will post up a pic maybe someone can help me figure this out
  8. the kid who owns it was riding it and it just cut off i checked the coil wire and it fell apart in my hand lol he thinks it was either the ign mod or the coil i was thinking the coil and plug plus it felt like the plug didnt seat properly in the rubber boot for the coil
  9. is there anyway of bypassing ignition modual to start it up ho do i tell if its bad and how do i tell if the coil is shot I might pick this up for my go cart/mini buggy project because it has reverse and i can use the rear axle and front suspension for it please let me know if anyone has any ideas thanks
  10. thats why i think the manual was off by some on some stuff
  11. im pretty sure its a big bear i just checked the parts again and it was alot cheaper by about $60
  12. yeah thanks again just wish i could get the parts a lil cheaper

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