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  2. Well, I had it running today for a little while attempting tests and stuff on it. I have to start it on full choke and then sometimes I can get it to rev and but I have to keep revving the hell out of it to keep it running. When doing this it will randomly cut out and sometimes flat out die. If I start it and leave it on full choke it will idle decent, but will also cutout and die at random. To me, It sounds like the timing is way off when it dies because you can hear it ping and almost sounds like the timing is way advanced. When it misses when I'm revving it, it sounds like an intake backfire. Valve problem? Hopefully compression test will tell me more tomorrow I'll keep looking.
  3. Tried a few more things... -sprayed carb cleaner around carb boot, lower end gasket, and near head gasket, No change -fully charged battery, cleaned battery terminals, engine ground terminal, No change Didn't get to check compression because I couldn't find the 12mm adapter for my compression tester. -tested crank sensor with DVOM for voltage output, shows no voltage produced on 20V DC setting. Do I need to test this with a analog volt meter? Maybe this is the problem? Factory manual says 3.6V or more Getting tired of blowing money on unneeded electrical parts though
  4. I am having some touble getting my wife's 2003 250 Bayou running correctly. It first started with just random missing and crap when it was idling, then it would run good for about 5 minutes, and progressively miss worse until it wouldn't even move itself even WOT. Now, I can barely get it to run with the choke on. In its current state it will only idle with the choke full on, and only for maybe 10-20 seconds. If I touch the throttle it dies instantly. That to me sure sounds like fuel, but I am fairly sure the fueling is as close to factory settings and should run at least somewhat. The way this thing misses and randomly idles up and down, I thought for sure it is an ignition problem. But, I really need some more eyes on this. Possibly previous Bayou owners, because it has me stumped currently. Attempted cures Fuel -Pulled carb, completely dismantled, and cleaned every jet, orifice, carb body -New air filter -New sparkplug Ignition -Stator resistance tested good hot and cold -Coil resistance tested good hot and cold -Unplugged voltage regulator, no change in condition -Spark plug cap tested good -Crank Sensor resistance tested good hot and cold (with the specs from Kaw Manual) -New CDI $$$$ ahhh -Valve clearance also checked and it was spot on factory specs -Valve timing checked I think tomorrow I will check compression, and I guess for intake leaks. P.S- Need to get this running, wife is starting to repeat the Honda, " I wanna ride commercials" LOL Any ideas appreciated, Jeff

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