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  2. ok this probably might be the problem because the lights dont work andall the other switches. ill let u know if that is the problem or not.
  3. ok i will try that and how can i check if my cdi box is bad or not.
  4. All the wires and switches seem to be working fine because I just tested them and I installed a new switch to sttart it and it looks like the starter works.but the quad just doesn't want to start up.and I'm also low on oil could thAt be a problem or no..
  5. Ok I will do that but howcome when I use the pullstarter it starts and thn I press a little gas or a lot it shuts down or even when I put it in gear.
  6. the fuse looks good and it hasn't been sittin for a while and its a 2001 kawasaki lakota 300
  7. im having a problem starting my kawasaki lakota 300 i was riding it for about 3 hours it worked all good then i decided to put more gas in it. ad after that it never started and the lights dont work either i tried to use the pull starter it starts but when i add gas it turns off/stalls. and the battery is good..

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