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  2. Hi i'm new to this, how do i email the resident expert Cheriah?
  3. yes the throttle cable linkage was removed, and as for the choke it idles up even higher when i open the choke, and then back to the the initial high idle when i close the choke. Some buddies thought it may be the slide sticking open or an air leak, but i checked both and they fuction properly.
  4. i have a 2006 yamaha wolverine 450. i recently pulled the carb apart and cleaned it as it would not idle. previous to the carb clean it would start up, idle, but then as soon as it was given any throttle it would stall out. After the carb clean and the fuel tank being emptied and fresh fuel being put in, it starts and idles extremely high and when the choke is on it idles even higher, and if given throttle it idles even higher without choking itself out or stalling. i have the idle set as low as it can go and removed the plate on the carb and the throttle cable is resting against the stop.

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