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  2. I am looking for any repair manuals for 1992 & 1993 Honda Foutrax 350. I looked at the Clymer and Haynes but I do not see any listings for these years. Should I be looking for a different year for Honda. Please help me in my search for a repair manual so I can make my home repairs easier. Thanks
  3. Thanks to all who replied. Found that the neutral wire was loose. Tightened it up and it is all good.
  4. It only has throttle reponse in lower gears. In the upper gears when you squeeze the throttle wide open nothing happens, no revving, no acceleration.
  5. I am having acceleration problems with my 1992 TRX 350 4x4. I just bought it and when I rode it the other day the first 10 minutes were great but then it lost all acceleration, especially in the upper gears. It will rev and accelerate somewhat in first gear and a bit in second gear but there is no accelertation response in 3rd or 4th gear. I checked the air box and everything is clean in there, no blockages. I replaced the sparkplug and changed the oil. Please any help would be great.
  6. I am having trouble with my 1993 fourtrax 350. My kids were riding it & forgot how to put it into reverse. I believe they were quite rough on the shift lever. Anyhow when they returned it to me the neutral light would not come on even though the quad was in nuetral, it was running and was able to drive and shift gears normally. When I shut the quad off is when all the trouble started. The quad is in neutral but the light won't come on therefore i cannot start it. When you turn on the key the oil light is on for a few seconds like it is supposed to be. I checked all the fuses & they appear to be normal. Any help & suggestions would be great.

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