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  2. If the float is not right shouldn't it run out of the overflow on the bowl of carb
  3. Also when i try to crank it after it has been setting for a couple of days. i do not choke it or anything! i hit the sarter and it will not crank. i pull the spark plug and it is flooded, i put a dry spark plug in it and it will fire up and run. How can it flood if it has been sitting for a day or so?
  4. i think about 1994. i bought the carb from a wincycles in miami and have spoken to there technician numerous times. They sent me another carb and i tried it and it done the same thing.
  5. I bought an aftermarket carb and when I crank the bayou 300 it will idle real high with the choke off. i have trouble shot the choke, i have the idle adjusted right. i can turn it off and crank it back up and the atv will slowly climb back to the same high idle speed. Im stumped along with alot of other mechanics. please help!

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