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  2. Not jumping the gun yet it runs but idle is really high and I haven't cycled gears so I'm crossing my fingers that all the gears are there and the carb just needs cleaned. I'll post updates as they unravel as I'm fixing up a 98 Polaris sportsman 500. At the same time. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Thanks for manual I joined Site yesterday to download and biy has helped
  4. I fingered out the issue. Thanks to my trusty service manual I got from here.. The key switch assembly was off a different year quad and it connects the brown and red while on and black and black/red while off.. My year big bear requires the brown and red and black and black/red to be connected while on the on position. The so I hot wired the black and black/red together and threw on a spare kill switch so ill have a way to stop the motor!
  5. Bought a 87 big bear for 200 and he said it had a bad coil which I knew probably wasn't the issue so after days of searching and tinkering with the quad I found out that it has spark with key in off position but no spark with key in on position?? There was alot of jimmy rigging but it looks as though the wires are in place correctly I tried reversing wires on key switch same issue and I checked kill switch on handle bar and it has been removed Any ideas of where to start?

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