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  1. I need a replacment ITP AT589 M&S 28x9-12. The problem is that I have a defective tire right now with a slight bulge causing a wobbing with the bike. I know my chances are not good considering how long the tire has been discontinued but it never hurts to try. Thanks
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  3. Is there a way to invite him to this discussion. I'm not very good with these forum things? Slight update: I look at it again and for some reason after removing the clutch cover, I could shift the lever with my finger without even having to loosen the secondary clutch springs. After messing around with it a bit and turning the wheel and the clutch, I tried again and couldn't engage the lever shift with my finder. Its starting to sound more and more that I could have a bent shift fork problem. Do you know with these bent shift fork problems if it is a either / or problem with shifting or could
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to here and could use a little advice. I just recently purchased a 1992 Bayou 300 that I have been fixing up. Once I got the bike running I discovered that the bike has shifting problems. Basically, I'm having a hard time getting it to shift into first from neutral. I can get the bike into reverse without any problems, but forward gears are giving me problems. Two things I've discovered on this: When I adjust the clutch improperly, basically too much CW on the screw thereby giving the shift pedal to much play which is also adding too much tension on the secondary clutch, I ca

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