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  1. I need a replacment ITP AT589 M&S 28x9-12. The problem is that I have a defective tire right now with a slight bulge causing a wobbing with the bike. I know my chances are not good considering how long the tire has been discontinued but it never hurts to try. Thanks
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  3. Is there a way to invite him to this discussion. I'm not very good with these forum things? Slight update: I look at it again and for some reason after removing the clutch cover, I could shift the lever with my finger without even having to loosen the secondary clutch springs. After messing around with it a bit and turning the wheel and the clutch, I tried again and couldn't engage the lever shift with my finder. Its starting to sound more and more that I could have a bent shift fork problem. Do you know with these bent shift fork problems if it is a either / or problem with shifting or could the bent shift fork display problems of shifting sometimes and shift OK other times? Thanks for the post.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to here and could use a little advice. I just recently purchased a 1992 Bayou 300 that I have been fixing up. Once I got the bike running I discovered that the bike has shifting problems. Basically, I'm having a hard time getting it to shift into first from neutral. I can get the bike into reverse without any problems, but forward gears are giving me problems. Two things I've discovered on this: When I adjust the clutch improperly, basically too much CW on the screw thereby giving the shift pedal to much play which is also adding too much tension on the secondary clutch, I can get the bike to shift into the forward gears. This is not an option however because the shift pedal when the clutch is not properly adjusted doesn't return to center. The other thing I noticed while trying to find this problem is that if I loosen the secondary clutch springs. I can shift into first without any issues by popping the shift lever up with my finger. Wouldn't this mean that the gear shift drum is rotating and I might be having a problem with the secondary clutch? I'm just dredging the news that I might have a bent shift fork in there. I should also say that I have been able to drive this bike through all the gears when the clutch was not properly adjusted, but it does not shift correctly and I stopped on account of doing damage to the bike. I should also say that I tried replacing the shift level spring #92144 and change drum lever spring #92081 which didn't help at all. I have looked over all the clutch release components short of pulling out the shift lever shaft. I have not pull off any of the clutches as well in that I've been doing a lot of my inspections with a mirror or feel. The only thing I have found which didn't turn out to be the problem was a slightly loose crank case pin (the one the is in center of the shift lever) which I have tightened. What's throwing be off here is that when I loosen the secondary clutch springs, the shift lever will click up easily thereby turning the star looking cam change drum. I just would hate having to split the crank case open and not find anything wrong so I'm hoping to exhaust all my other options before going to the trouble. From what i can see, I don't notice any wear from the components that I can access and the shift lever shaft seems to rotate the shift lever true and straight. I'm just at my wits end here and could really use some advice or thoughts. Thanks

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