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  2. Finally got it fixed! There was a 30 amp fuse in a relay above the rear right wheel and it was blown. Put a new fuse in and it fired right up.
  3. No my solenoid has the post with the battery cable, the post with what I assume goes to the starter, and two smaller posts with small wires on them that I'm not sure what they run to.
  4. Finally got back to checking some things and there is power to the solenoid however there is not power on the other end of it wen you turn the switch on and hit start. So I'm wondering what to do next because the electrical is kind of my weakness when it comes to working on things.
  5. From what I see I have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and the one in line fuse that I saw and they all looked good meaning no broken wires in the middle. If the battery was hooked up in reverse what would be the first to blow cause none of the wires got hot and no sparks flew when it was hooked up.
  6. Thanks I'll use everyone's advice and get back to you.
  7. I'm new to the site and I recently bought a 2000 arctic cat 500 4x4 standard shift. The other day I took the battery off to use on something else and then put a charged battery back on and I had no power to anything such as gear selector, lights, starter. I checked the fuses and they all looked good so I am looking for any info on what to do next. Thanks in advance.

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