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  2. Thanks,now to find one and try it out!
  3. I have manual450 honda atv hurt my foot bad,so can't shift,just wandering what anyone would say about installing hand shifter...I do mostly trails, try to stay away from mud etc.Thanks.
  4. I guess no one uses 512 shocks!!!!
  5. i have a 2000 350 fourtrax,want to improve ride.... will 512 series shocks help,heard good things about them! THANKS.
  6. If I install a 20 amp fuse on the rocker switch wire(thats what I am calling the wire that has the in-out button on one end and has the other end connected to the solenoid)instead of screwing around with any wires on my atv,shouldn't THAT fuse blow out if anything weird happens to the winch or rocker switch?
  7. So the only reason that I need to wire it into the ignition ,is so I don't accidently activate the winch,I thought that if I didn't, that the winch or switch ,if they stuck on or anything happened to one of them, that it might burn all the wiring out on the atv or even burn the whole atv.SO THE ONLY THING I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT, IF I DON"T WIRE INTO THE IGNITION,IS ACCIDENTLY ACTIVATING THE WINCH
  8. I have the winch installed on my 2000 350 honda,and was wondering instead of wiring the toggle-switch(whatever that switch is called to make the cable go in or out) into a wire that is only on with the key,could I instead just put an inline 20amp fuse somewhere along the toggle-switch wire, shouldn't that prevent over loading anything if something happens to the winch or switch
  9. I am buying a 2500 runva winch and was told that the mounting bracket that comes with it will not work on my 2000 350 honda fourtrax Is there a special mounting bracket I can get that will work without modifing it Thanks.

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