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  2. Ya actually I was looking for the service manual, which in turn led me here. Thanks again ox!
  3. Took it for a hot lap when I bought it that's all it has been until its fixed!
  4. Hello, Just purchased my first quad from a buddy. It is a project, he was trying to get one of his cows back to the pen when she took a sharp left and flipped him multiple times. Needless to say she needs some TLC, so did he. It is a 97 Yamaha 350 Big bear AWD. Fires up and runs like a top without any work done yet. From what my visual inspection led to; U-Joints are toast. inner CV boots are torn. Muffler does not muffle. Tires are trashed - also filled with slime (Farm quad) Plastics could be worse. Brakes are inop. Racks look like it got flipped by a cow. Idle screw is bent, but

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