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  2. Ya actually I was looking for the service manual, which in turn led me here. Thanks again ox!
  3. Took it for a hot lap when I bought it that's all it has been until its fixed!
  4. Hello, Just purchased my first quad from a buddy. It is a project, he was trying to get one of his cows back to the pen when she took a sharp left and flipped him multiple times. Needless to say she needs some TLC, so did he. It is a 97 Yamaha 350 Big bear AWD. Fires up and runs like a top without any work done yet. From what my visual inspection led to; U-Joints are toast. inner CV boots are torn. Muffler does not muffle. Tires are trashed - also filled with slime (Farm quad) Plastics could be worse. Brakes are inop. Racks look like it got flipped by a cow. Idle screw is bent, but functions. Other than that, she drives and shifts half way decent. CV boots and brakes are first on the agenda, then making her quiet down some. If there are any tips or tricks you guys can think of to help a newbie out, I'd appreciate it. For example... I know the tires are full of slime, which i equate to fix-a-flat. In my auto expirience this stuff sucks. When it comes time to replace the tires, anything I should be aware of wheel wise? Also, if anyone knows a place to get slightly used functioning parts I would also be interested. TL;DR - Got a quad and JD LX 188 Mower for a good deal, now time to fix em'!

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