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    There wasn't much left over ...but we threw a couple bones to the camp hosts. They gave us firewood and took us to a mountain spring for cold and fresh drinking water.
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    It's Ashland Resort near Bluefield WV. Really nice place and great people.
  4. There was never any gas in it.. It is brand new. Found the problem. Gas tank cover was plugged with rust so it couldn't breathe. There is an oil leak above the exhaust manifold. It leaks on to the exhaust pipe and burns so I can't drive it very long. I tried siliconing it up but it still leaks. I'm thinking it's a gasket out.
  5. It's a pull start but didn't feel like pulling that cause I'm sure it wouldn't of started for a while cause its been sitting in a shed for 20 years.
  6. Put the choke on and pulled it with another fourwheeler.
  7. I'm fixing up an old Honda three wheeler. First I replaced the coil cause there was no spark. There is a brand new carburetor on it. Cleaned rust out of the gas tank. It runs, but after about 3 minutes it will kill. I can't figure out what it is. Just wondering if anybody has an idea what the problem is. Thanks.

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