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  2. are you talking about the cable on the side of the case
  3. Hey all Let me start off by saying this thing has been a nightmare. i bought it in pieces got second gear fixed and proceeded to reassemble it. after replacing the head twice and 2 new cams finally it runs like a champ except for it pops out of gear. it does have a new clutch in it and not sure where to go form here can some one please help thank you
  4. Hello all I am new to this site but not to riding. i have been riding since i was about 11 on my grand fathers honda four trax. Since then i have owned a 300 ex 2 banshee's a wicked grizzly and now i just got a raptor. I love to ride especially trail rides. I live in extreme northern indiana. I founded a club a few years ago and it tanked a year later its funny how just a few people can ruin a good thing. But im not discouraged i will do it again anyway i kind of feel like i am rambling on. I look forward to meeting alot of you in the threads. and hey if you are ever coming to indiana let me know me and my friends would love to show you what the badlands are all about.

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