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  2. I have a 2004good Suzuki Vinson. It started but had trouble shifting out of neutral into drive so I may have forced it.....some what. Once I stopped it and shut it off, it wouldn't restart. I am thinking I broke the switch that tells it that it's in neutral. Is there a way to bypass that and check it out? Thanks for the help.
  3. Looks like that fixed it. Changed the oil, cleaned the carb and it started and ran like a champ. Thanks.
  4. I ran out of gas the other day, and once I put more gas in and it wouldn't start. It smelled like it flooded. I took it home, it still didn't start. It has fire from the plug. So I figure it must be a carb issue. I decided that while I had it up, I would change the oil. When I pulled the level plug out to check it, oil came pouring out. I smelled gas in the oil. When drained the oil, I filled a gallon jug of oil and gas. Something ain't right. I drained the oil, putting a new filter on tomorrow, fresh gas and see if it starts. Any other advice? I am hoping I didn't blow the seals a

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