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    yes, and we can't air to go back again with the club next year.
  3. Sportsman790


    thanks it was a great week of riding.
  4. Sportsman790


    It was sooo hot so we stopped to dunk our heads before heading back to camp. Just wore boots, helmut and chest protectors. Too hot for long sleeves or pants
  5. All i heard was "whap , whap ,whap and figured i better stop somethin aint right" Turns out a friend has an extra 4 tires almost new so we traded as we had some for his scrambler500 and now that tire is history and life's good again!
  6. it took about 6 or 7 plugs hahaha!
  7. Thanks, it was fun doing them up.
  8. Sportsman790

    Mud :)

    Nice, I love the mud too! good pic!
  9. about 4000 Feet :-)

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