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  1. the carb got rebuilt today i havent finished doing the top end yet because i had to go put my dog down today, gonna take a day off tommorow and go up to the cabin to keep my mind busy, i forget how much pets are a family member and how hard it is to lose one so suddenly
  2. yeah i figured id still come out on top of it whatever i put into it, i dont think rings are that much and i might a well rebuild the carb while im at it, my jets on it are clogged and the rings are very badly worn on it my dad started without me this morning http://www.ebay.com/itm/Suzuki-Quadsport-230-230S-Top-End-Gasket-Kit-Engine-Motor-Gaskets-Set-/350507163139 thats what id be needed right? or should i go straight for a wisco rebuild kit that comes with a piston which i think i might do anyways, the piston on it is not very bad id say its still pretty good for being that old its not scared to all hell either like some of the ones ive worked on
  3. thank you for all the replys lol, i was afraid of it being that, oh well it will give me something to do this week. i just cant let this classic go down the drain like this plus it was only a 200 dollar investment so far...keyword being so far we will see what happens in the next few days lol and thank you for welcoming me oxidized
  4. hows it going, my name is Brad and i recently bought a quadsport for 200 dollars i knew there was problems with it when i bought it but my dad and i are stumped at what the problems with it could be having owned multiple 4 wheelers it burns oil and i knew that when i bought it, pure white smoke screen when i go down the trail its quite fun to smoke people out but its really starting to get on my nerves, my dad thinks it could be the rings but i have yet to tear it apart and see i want a second opinion before i waste my time doing it it doesent idle at all, i have to keep on the gas when i start it up (if it even will start up its a pain to start) it almost seems like that the carb is clogged or something, the guy that owned it before me put some shitty supertrapp pipe on it and i think it also might have something to do with it im about to take the torch to it and cut the stupid thing off cause he welded right to the header pipe and run a straight pipe cause ive had no luck on trying to find a stock pipe for it.....the spark plugs come out nasty and carboned up like hell, doesent even idle with the choke on it when i do get to ride it it sounds like its almost backfireing and like its bogging down but it feels like it should be putting out more power than it should dont get me wrong when i get up to the 4th or 5th gear it runs perfectly when i keep on the gas, its fun to ride but id like it to be able to atleast idle cause it sucks when i have to stop and keep reving it any replys/advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

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