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  2. What did you mean with carb? I spray all connectors with contact spray. The gas was changed two times. Witch fuel cleaner?
  3. I check the the spark. And it's ok it is bright blue and consistant. What now i don't have idea.
  4. I will check. The plug was changed.
  5. Hm. With pulling i mean in our language "trokirati" but this is not in dictionary. I mean that the ATV not run smooth but every 3seconds is like that the ATV die. I hope you undarstand. And even when is motor in the idling is once in 2000rpm, once 3000, once 1500.
  6. Hello! I'm new on this forum and I'm from Slovenia. I have a problem with my Adly 300xs. And the problem is that the ATV is pulling(i hope you understand that, in the dictionary is nor a right word). And this look like this that while i driving the ATV pull. It is not important or the ATV is cold or hot. And the ATV sometimes ignite very hard sometimes normal. We try change c.d.i. unit and i try with spare key but it is not any different, ATV still pulling. I don't now what is wrong. Is maybe guilty this that i wash one day and the water came somewhere is not supposed to come? Please help me. Have a nice day

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