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  2. I have e-mailed most of the sites asking for trail maps. I think private clubs are unlikely to send them, but if they don't want them published I'm not really comfortable posting them anyway. So I asked and will see what happens. Demon Hill sent me one already. The TrailPass ones I need help with are: Tin TeePee Family Campground (who I suspect may not offer ATV riding anymore as they are listed as a TrailPass site but are no longer listed on TrailPass), Pine Hill ATV Park, Mount Kenyan Trail, and Camden Trail. If you have any of those you could send over to me, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd be happy to credit you or link you or anything that may be helpful.
  3. I can let you know by the end of today. Most of New York's trails are either TrailPass (which I can't access) or private clubs (that I'm not a member of). I have to see what I can get, then I'm going to put out a general call for the rest. I'll catch you first!
  4. Do you know anyone with a TrailPass membership? I need one of those to access a bunch of the trail maps.
  5. Thanks. I'm working on the New York listings now. It's going to take longer than the PA listings as so many of them are private and some of them are Trailpass parks. Getting the info isn't as simple as here in my home state. I hope to have an initial set of New York listings posted by Monday.
  6. I tried clicking the link, but just got a blank page with the header. Is it broken, or is my computer being glitchy?
  7. My husband and I went to his niece's farm for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. She had a bunch so we went out riding before dinner. We stayed all weekend and rode every day and night. At the end of the weekend, I rolled her friend's Can Am 500, wound up lying in a huge stinky mulch pile with the damn thing on top of me. My leg was pretty messed up, but we went home and bought a couple of Polaris Sportsman the next day. We've ridden almost every weekend since.
  8. And yeah, I have always thought it was crazy that there is not one place in NJ...that was our biggest frustration when we got the quads, and part of why I wanted to put this site together. We bought the quads in NJ and asked the guy where we could ride them. He just said "nowhere, really." Care to share the two you can think of off the top of your head?
  9. Swampcat07...what did I miss? My criteria for putting it on the list is that it a) is a legal place to ride, b) is primarily a trail not a racetrack, and c) has a website or other verifiable contact information. If you can point out anything I missed, I would be thrilled to add it. I want this to be truly comprehensive.
  10. There's a new trail guide online. Ride4Wheel.com will eventually be a listing of all of the places to ride in the Northeastern United States. Right now the Pennsylvania listings are finished. More will be added within a week or two. You should check it out, it's pretty great.

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