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  2. The quick repay is that the parking brake was seized on. I checked the rear brake callipers but they were not the issue then I spotted a separate mechanical disk in the prop. Rusted up and no lubrication. Sorted.
  3. Okay I know this sounds like a dumb question but should I be able to freewheel in neutral to move the Quad? I have a CF500ES and I do not seem to be able to move it when in neutral, all the other quads I have owned allow you to freewheel if they are not in gear but as this is a new make to me and a very new bike I dont know if this is THTALS (Thats How They All Are Sir) or if I am missing something! Yes I know how to change gear by activating the brake interlock to the gear change both into gear and out of neutral. The only way to move it is to start it and engage a gear not always what you want. Anyone know if this is normal for CFMOTO bikes?

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