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  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I thought about the battery, but after the short hops today and the multiple decent starts (not enough time to recharge the battery) I was thinking maybe not. But if the cold crank amps are not there, I get where you''re going. I'll have to see if I can load test it tonight. Thanks again guys.
  3. Battery is not "new" but I have not charged it in 2 years. Just hit and miss last winter with the start. Fine with daily use all summer, then "clicks" today (cooler temp) until the 6th starter push, a decent sounding start. Seven starts in 1/2 hour (moving firewood) ...no problem. If it's cool tomorrow, I expect to go through the clicks again, like last winter (many days it did not start). Very weird (at least for someone with my limited know-how ) Thanks.
  4. New to the forum---wondered if anyone had any thoughts on my start problem: All summer, my old 87 Suzuki starts great. Once the weather starts to cool, when I push the start button, i get nothing but a click. Maybe the 5th to 8th push, I may get a start out of it. Once running and warm, it starts fine all day. Next day...same issue (if it's a cool day) . Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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