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  1. Describes Pence perfectly: Jack: If that ship be sunk properly, you should be sunk with it. King: Captain Barbossa, each second we tary the Spanish outdistance us. I have every confidence you will prevail and be rewarded with the high station you so desire. Barbossa: To serve doeth suffice, sire. Jack: You sir, have stooped. Barbossa: Jack, our sands be all but run. Where's the harm in joining the winning side? And you do meet a nicer class of person. Pence decided to join the winning side.
  2. Here’s What The Republicans Must Do: Force Biden To The Left By Dick Morris on January 7, 2021 https://www.dickmorris.com/heres-what-the-republicans-must-do-force-biden-to-the-left/ Yes republicans, force Biden to the left. Republicans think forcing Biden left will result in pain and people returning to republican solutions. Progressives think forcing Biden left will result in prosperity. Let's do it and see who is right. Ain't gonna work anyway because Biden exists to stop movements to the left. If the corporations and billionaires that Trump lavished and pamper
  3. It doesn't matter since he can't pardon state crimes anyway. As soon as he's no longer president he will be hit with a slew of state charges and likely spend the rest of his life in prison. A prediction I made a few years ago is eventually those who supported Trump would never admit it. That doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore.
  4. On the subject of Jacinda's decent into authoritarianism to keep people safe, I present: New Zealand's School Without Rules Kind of an odd mix to have a school with no rules in a totalitarian country lol And yeah it's totalitarian because the gov can remove any liberty it wants and there is nothing the citizens could do about it. Luckily they don't, but they could.
  5. I wonder why that is not evident in my data. If they didn't pay the tax, then it would show in my data. The way I understand it, companies got money from the gov for R&D and whatnot. People against socialism should realize that practically every product in existence came from government money one way or another. The gov pays for the development of things, then hands it to a small group to make big profits. That profit should be returned to the people. They were probably making that up.
  6. Ah, I see. So is it 11%? And is the 8% paid by employee and 3% paid by employer correct? If so, is it voluntary for the employer? I wish it were that way here because people with property (ie farmers) are not keen on paying for schools when their kids are grown. And usually the people with kids also do not own property. So the result is that school funding is voted down. Are you sure that making a donation of a few million isn't proof of good character? New Zealand gave Peter Thiel citizenship after he spent just 12 days there https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/j
  7. I'm sure I could get it, it's just a lot of work. It took me a week of solid working to do the US because it was downloading PDF files from the IRS which were scanned from old documents. It was grueling. I don't think I care that much to know to go through all that work again. And if I did do it, I couldn't stop with New Zealand... I'd have to do Canada and Denmark too. The reason I did it was Peter Schiff saying the rich didn't pay those high rates in the 1950s because of deductions and loopholes, so I went to the IRS and found they did pay it.
  8. Yeah pretty much. The RNC picks their representative and the DNC picks their representative and then the people picks one of them. Every time a 3rd party gets support it just sways support to their worst enemy. In 1992 Perot cost Bush the election and gave us Clinton. Perot voters would have voted for Bush if not for Perot. In 2000 Nader cost Gore the election and gave us Bush Jr. Nader voters would have voted for Gore if not for Nader. And in the early 1900s Teddy Roosevelt got mad at Taft so he formed the Bull Moose Party which split the republican vote and gave us Wilson. 3rd partie
  9. Yes but I can't do that because I have no access to such precise data in other countries. And I think comparing the top rates is still indicative of what the rich pay because the assumption is that they avoid taxes equally across the 3 countries. US - 37% individual top rate, 21% corporate, 0% sales tax, 15.3% social security of which employer pays half. Canada - 33% individual top rate, 26.5% corporate, 5% sales tax, 14% social security of which employer pays over half. Do you really think there is a significant difference in what the rich pay in those 2 countries? I've a
  10. I don't support him. Biden is far worse and to be against Biden is to appear like I'm supporting Trump.
  11. Me? Nothing. You were holding NZ up as a model to mimic and I'm challenging that notion. That's all. I was watching that video again and they were describing quite a bit of poverty and a housing shortage while many homes are empty because they're owned by the rich who never spend time there. In the video they said it took 12 years for their friends to get citizenship and didn't think it's fair that Peter Thiel could buy his way in. If billionaires can buy citizenship then NZ is for sale and corrupt. I'd be concerned about that. Anyway it's getting late on this side of th
  12. All good points but I was just trying to compare the 3 countries in terms of burdens on the rich vs the poor. Do you know of a better way of doing that than to quote the top rate for income taxes and compare to the sales taxes?
  13. That is true anywhere, but the point is to show the tax on the rich and compare it to the tax on the poor across different countries. Then what is this? https://tradingeconomics.com/new-zealand/social-security-rate The Kiwisaver Rate in New Zealand stands at 11 percent. source: New Zealand Inland Revenue Department That's sales tax. Europe calls it a VAT tax. It's a tax on the poor. If someone has zero income, they pay no tax on income, but they still pay sales tax. Same in the US. Schools are funded through property taxes until retirement when the school tax i

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