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  1. I hear the same is going on in the UK. Step 1: Defund it so it doesn't work. Step 2: Privatize it for big profits. Step 3: Government bails it out when it inevitably fails. They will whittle you down eventually and it will be another glaring "failure" of socialism. It's like "How many times do we have to beat you down before you get it through your head that socialism never works?" It's so transparent, but few can what they're doing. Getting their grubby little hands on social security is like the Holy Grail of big profits, then the taxpayers will really be wringed dry when they have to bail that out.
  2. @davefrombc I know someone who had a heart attack and said if she were not unconscious and blue laying on the floor she would have said not to call the ambulance because she can't afford it. Her biggest concern was not dying, but being saddled with the cost when the reason she was working so hard in the first place was because she can barely afford to get by which is what caused her heart attack. The US is like a 3rd world country. All we're missing is people selling kidneys for food. It's not about facts, but emotions like rooting for a sports team. So all we'll get is fighting and butting heads.
  3. The poll at the top says 37 votes for Trump and 10 for Clinton, so not sure how this forum could be characterized as a liberal bastion, but then again I don't leave this thread so I don't really know how it is out there. Hard to imagine many are supporting Biden though.
  4. Sounds like the neoliberals got to you too. Sales tax and monthly fees are just another version of obamacare putting the burden on the middle class. Bernie had it right taxing income, but that makes it hard to shovel the burden on the middle class. From 1932 to 1982 the rich paid effectively 50% of their income in taxes. Those 50 years were the years America led the world by every metric. Come on man: 53 death penalty offenses! Cops carry it out on the streets.
  5. Everybody hates obamacare and that's part of the point. Either the poor are taken care of while the rich are protected or else the people want to go back to before obamacare which benefits the rich, so they win either way. On the other hand, medicare for all is nothing out of pocket. No paperwork, no deductibles, no copays, no nothing. Just 4% tax on income above $29,000 and you go to any dr in the country. In comparison, Canada has a 5% sales tax to fund their healthcare and I'm sure Dave will tell how great that is. US and Canadian taxes are almost identical except for their 5% national sales tax. Income tax 33% vs 37% (CA vs US) Corporate tax 26.5% vs 21% Employer's share of social security 7.37% vs 7.65% Employee's share of social security 6.72% vs 7.65% https://tradingeconomics.com/canada/personal-income-tax-rate https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/personal-income-tax-rate Canada does it, but we can't afford it? No, the rich don't want to pay. Yeah it probably would increase wait times because it's so easy to go to the dr, but Bernie also wanted to make it easier to get the education to be a dr so we'd have more of them. The rich don't want to pay for that either. It's Biden's job to be sure none of that ever happens. That's why they rigged the primary to get Biden in there and they're counting on people like Dave hating Trump so much that they have no choice but to vote for Biden. I don't know if it's going to work. Michael Moore is sounding the alarm again https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/29/michael-moore-donald-trump-repeat-2016-warning
  6. Like Obama said, if Hillary had conducted a decent campaign, the electoral college would not have been an issue. She couldn't win the swing states. A good candidate should be able to win those states. Hillary and Trump are the most hated politicians in Gallup history. That is not based on lies. Biden is probably 3rd most hated by now. https://news.gallup.com/poll/197231/trump-clinton-finish-historically-poor-images.aspx No way because Biden exists to stop medicare for all. That's his sole purpose in life at this moment. Obamacare puts the burden of the poor on the middle class while the rich profit. Medicare for all puts the burden of the poor on the rich. Under Biden, the poor will have healthcare, but the middle class will pay for it with high premiums and taxes while the insurance companies make big profits. Once Obamacare is entrenched, there is no way to push for medicare for all. Biden is corrupt and owned by wallstreet. Biden says we can't afford healthcare but Cananda is doing ok right? Biden's "realism" says your country can't do what it's doing. I thought I already said why. He wrote the crime bill that locked up untold multitudes of blacks for drugs. He wrote the patriot act that sanctioned spying on citizens and detainment without charges. He is a supporter of private prisons that profit form his crime bill. He exists to stop progressivism. Trump is just a bumbling moron out for himself but Biden is truly evil. Kamala is no better. 1,040,883,133 Reasons Why Bernie’s Supporters Will Never Support Joe Biden https://ridethefence.com/2020/04/09/1040883133-reasons-why-bernies-supporters-will-never-support-joe-biden-seriously-we-counted/
  7. @davefrombc None of that matters. People are going to vote for him anyway regardless what he does or how he acts. That's why it's so hard to predict because none of it is quantifiable. And Biden exists to stop medicare for all to protect the rich. If Biden is in there, then no progressive can possibly come to power. If Biden wins 2020, then Kamala wins 2024 and maybe 2028. By 2032 we will flip back republican like always and that republican will likely be worse than Trump because they've been trending that direction since Bush Sr. But if Trump wins 2020, then progressives have a shot in 2024 and medicare for all is still on the table. That's why it's so imperative everyone vote Biden to protect the rich and they're leveraging hatred for Trump to effect that. You might say Trump coddles the rich more, but it's so egregious and blatant that the risk is people revolt and a progressive comes to power who will really put the screws to the rich, so it's better to get Biden installed to prevent that fate and get everyone calmed down and put back to sleep. And the police violence is actually Biden's fault because he wrote the crime bill. He said "we do everything but hang people for jaywalking with this bill." As bad as Trump is, I can't see him saying anything that sinister. Precisely! If anyone thinks this Trump is bad, wait until they see the one coming after a run of Biden.
  8. @quadmaniac I'm no longer confident in my prediction that Trump will lose because I didn't anticipate Biden could be this bad. Again the DNC appoints the worst candidate they could find. I predicated my logic mainly on the fact that more democrats exist while republicans are dying, but many are refusing to vote for either of the two evils, progressives are wise to the democratic party corruption, and some blacks and minorities are abandoning the democratic party. I'm pretty sure Biden will win the popular vote, but I can't say which way the swing states will swing. I think independents might replace those who are fleeing the republican party. Anyway, it's no longer so obvious because it really has nothing to do with the economy or any metric we could observe, but more to do with emotion which is anyone's guess.
  9. Prices being up just means the dollar is going down. Venezuelan stock market is up 3000% this year. Your returns will be a function of how well Trump can compel the fed to trash the dollar with QE to support his fake economy. Homelessness is exploding, opioid epidemic is still raging, suicides are up, farmer suicides are 50% higher than in the farm crisis of the 80s. That's not indicative of a good economy. Unemployment is still the same 20% it's been all decade http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/unemployment-charts One of the things I originally liked about Trump is that he pointed out that the unemployment numbers were a lie and really 20, 30, 40%. Now he's taking credit for what he previously called a lie. He also said the stock market was a "Big Fat Ugly Bubble" in the second debate with Hillary. Now it's the greatest ever. Just another lie to add to the list of 15,000. Boomers don't have the numbers to win it for Trump. It would seem even a potato could beat Trump. GA will probably flip blue since Stacey Abrams only lost by a mere 50,000 votes out of 4 million in a state with 10 million people. If Trump can't hold GA, he can't hold the swing states (PA, WI, MI) that he barely won by a collective 77k votes. I think it's less of a question of whether he will win and more of a question of how badly he will lose. And that is a function of who is running against him. Bernie would clobber him, but Biden won't fare as well.
  10. I have 2 mufflers on my atv and now that the engine is quiet, you'd be surprised how loud the geartrain and tires are. The ticking valves, intake pulses through the carb and various pieces of plastic slapping together are really prominent now that the exhaust is silent. I too can't wait for an electric atv, but I think it's going to be louder than we had hoped. That reminds me when my battery died on my gasser which left me stranded on top of a mountain. I had to walk 2 hours back to camp to get a new battery which I had brought to power radios n stuff. Some irony there lol. The 250ex cannot be started unless it's in neutral, so no way to pushstart it down a hill. There is also no recoil or kicker. When the battery dies, you're done. But you're right.... I wouldn't take an electric quad out in the bush without at least 2 extra batteries and probably an extra controller. Heck, I wouldn't take a gasser in the bush without extra batteries, gas, and tools. One redeeming attribute of electric is the potential to charge it via portable solar panel. It would be slow, but at least there would be hope of eventually making it out. Running out of gas in a gasser leaves one with no recourse.
  11. I'd like to give it a good home, but NYC is too much work lol. I draw the line at Corning.
  12. Is it the 250 or 200? How far away are you? I'm in GA.
  13. Ah thanks man! Yeah if we lived close we could help each other out. Sounds like you'd make a good friend! I just want something to knock the berm down in the middle of my trails. Is the 87 the 250 or 200? Does it have the high/low ranges? Can't wait to see what this is going to be. Like an episode of American Pickers lol
  14. Yep and that's what I have a problem with. I can talk people down a little, but then I start feeling like I'm ripping them off. I know how it feels to be on the other end trying to sell something for a fair price. I'm more likely to feel sorry for someone and give them their price than I am to get a screaming deal. Yes it's the thrill of the hunt. I can relate to that. Yes but I enjoy mechanics. I don't like it as much as I used to because it's like the same work over and over. But when I was younger it was all about learning. I'd like to find a Big Red trike in excellent condition.

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