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  2. lol ya thats alright. i pulled the actuator apart n found it full of mud, cleaned er up and got er back together works mint. just waitin on a voltage reguator here now and i should be back in action
  3. I got it off, had to unbolt the front diff. I'd say I'm gonna be in for a actuator. It turns but its very weak
  4. Alright thanks guys, I'm gonna. Pull the actuator tonight n see what happens, does the front diff gotta be unbolted to remove it, doesn't seem to clear the front A arm bracket
  5. hey, after a short ride i realized my 06 king quad 700 was in 4x4, the button was in the 2wd position, as was the LCD display. i took a quick look at the actuator and it was hot to the touch, any ideas where i should go from here? thanks

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