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  2. yea i removed the tors and i went out the to try to start it and it locked up so im gonna have the top and bottom end rebuilt how much do u guys think itll cost
  3. i got a new plug it seems better now still wont start
  4. i dont have very bright spark and no havent tried new plug and its getting gas cuse i can kick bout 5-10times and the plugs wet
  5. i cleaned the carb and all its got good compression the only way i can get it to start is to pull it off and when it starts if i let its rpm get low it dies it ran fine four about 2 hours then just quit like it wasnt getting any gas so i cleand the carb and it still wont do nuthing got good comprission and the reeds look good
  6. i have a 1997 200 blaster was riding it and it acted like it was runing out of gas and quit wont start by kick but if u pull it be hind a car it will start and run as long as u keep moving but u stop it dies some 1 please help

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