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  2. Yep, it sure looks like the same machine. Now Im curious why the word "Timberwolf" was removed from the side of my machine. Maybe someone has a wolf phobia! Any idea what year(s) these machines were manufactured or where I might download a users manual? Thanks again for the help. Spence
  3. The number on the engine is 4KD112557. Still cannot find a VIN or model number, but I have uploaded two pictures. Can you access them? I cannot figure out how to put them into "my garage." Thanks for your help. Spence
  4. I have inherited a Yamaha quad but there is no model number on it that I can find--which I need in order to get an oil filter for it. It has a 4-cycle, carbureted, air-cooled engine and its very basic--no speedometer, etc. A friend thinks it might be a "300." I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Spence

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