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  1. But it would be fun to explore and get lost for the day
  2. Thank u guys! I plan on doing trail/ditch riding. Nothing on the highway so if it doesn't go 70 I don't care. In a perfect world I want to have it for a while to get my wife hooked and then let her have it and pick up a 700 or bigger for myself. My boss hada bruteforce 700 and that's originally what got me hooked.
  3. Hello I'm a new guy from sd. I've got a basic question. I'm 6 foot and 300lbs. I found a good deal on a 2010 arctic cat 450. H1. But is this atv too small for me? I don't want to look like a Damn circus bear on a moped. I keep hearing this is a "larger chassis" 4wheeler. Soooooooo close to the size of a 700 just with a smaller motor??? I guess when I hear of 450cc atv I think small motorcycle lol

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