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  2. hi there...can i get a copy for a 1997 honda trxex manual??/ thanks
  3. hey there...hi... all is stock. i know this quad has seen better days.the slugish feeling is from what it was to now. so many carb issues. again, im new to this . dont know how and what to do to it.and now i think that starter is going.today i ran it to see how the carb kit helped. and it broke down again. the throttle body came loose. i fixed that and it drove for bout 10 minutes and it turned off again. now its getting too much gas. what a head ache...
  4. hello to all...HI... well im new to the quad scene and now im lovin it. i just got a 97 honda trx 300ex. when i got it,it ran ok. so ive put in a carb kit,spark plug,new rear wheels and tires adjusted the clutch but it still feels slugish..why??? i know im new to this but damn!!! my next step is to rebuild all the gaskets on the motor as i do leak oil.and i seem to have a gass leak somewhere. can someone help me out and point me to the right direction??? also, is there anyone in the area close that knows of good ridin trails round here??

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